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Miscellaneous News Items- 12/10

Catch-up of other news that I didn’t write about while EmailInsiderSummit was going on:

Steve Isaacs at Deep Focus is handling the Flight of the Conchords Lip Dub Contest- the idea is to lipsync/dub the FotC song on their site. I heard of it yesterday, but what brought me to Youtube was watching the College Humor guys singing Hip-hop-opotomus (rap song).

RapLeaf has a Facebook plugin, and “social media screening” (free screening. RapLeaf is the tool that tells you where your users are, provided you give them emails, which I’m always a little squidgy about.

The “give a drink” app on Facebook has a real-world aspect now. Yep: Give real. You can buy someone a drink, they go to a bar and use a credit card, and it’s debited on there (or something, if I have it right- have not tested.)

Acteva, an event ticketing company, has a plug-in for Facebook too! (hence this post, as I kept reading the same email over and over again, “we have a plugin for FB…”). So you create your event in there, and then click “publish to FaceBook” and all of the event info, etc. are put there. Nice, as I know some non-profits that use Acteva.

I got a notice about the “wovel”- Firstworld, a choose-your-adventure style online novel by fellow alum Jemiah Jefferson.

Friend and fellow email marketing blogger Tamara Gielen is moving on to her own consultancy (from Ogilvy), check her out at BeRelevant!. Her blog was one of the first ones I read when getting my feet wet in the world of online marketing discussions, and her comprehension and analysis of current trends and methods is unmatched, in my opinion.

Bill McCloskey is demo’ing a new service and needs beta testers- more about it on Tamara’s site: Want to Beta Test a New Email Alert?

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