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Blog reader tweeted me about a company that was selling email addresses. We all know it’s a bad idea, but here’s a quick rundown of why:
- unqualified leads
- doesn’t pay for itself
- devalues your brand
- disingenuous relationship with customer (what would the welcome email say? “Hi! You don’t know me, but I bought your email…”)
- sadly, I’ve seen “list acquisition” projects that are mainly contributing your hard won customer list to a data farm (oh, and you pay for the privilege!).

He had a good question: what are proven ways, then to increase your email list?

Well, for one, promotional email lists are just one marketing channel in the overall issue of, how to increase awareness and activity with your company. No, I’m not going to say “grow your list” because I’m an English major and have a firm stance on using “grow” if it’s not related to aging or agriculture. Anyways…

Here are some ideas:
- Partner with a company that has the same target customer demographic (note: don’t do a list exchange, make sure their customers know what they’re getting into, see below on newsletter ad space for an example of a partnership campaign.)
- Offer freebies to “forward to a friend” related activities
- Give-aways with minimal registration involved
- Sell/trade/barter space in your newsletter for another company (see #1′s) ad space. Do the same with them, your newsletter-promo sign-up in their newsletter
- Advertise your promo emails or newsletters on your front page
- Include tasteful, minimal ads or promotions in transactional emails
- I’m a fan of face-to-face events, again teaming up with like-minded businesses that have the same demographic. Get email sign-up sheets out there, and give something in return, no matter how small.
- Well-crafted social marketing campaigns that are fun, focused, transparent and intelligent, funneled to a page on your site that allows access with an email or minimal registration, to reveal the joke/freebie/etc.
- Contests for freebies, also using social media, that require an email to register

More reading…

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Email Marketing Reports Building a list on more than deals and discounts. A good look at the value of a lead, especially when you use the d-word (discount). By Mark Brownlow.

Words to the Wise Negative brand building with email. The thorny topic of qualifying a lead, which yes, begins at acquisition. by Laura Atkins.

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