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Elements of Good Email

Bronto’s write-up on KodakGallery’s change of service email (one of my clients, but I didn’t work directly on this) made me think of the basic elements of a good email. Sure, this is a rehash of what a dozen sites cover really well, but I’d like to put in my $.02 on what I, individually, think are the key elements.

- Engaging, short, clever subject line
- Snippet text at top
- Segmented, targeted audience (aka, relevance)
- HTML layout that renders well with images-off
- Bright layout and color palette
- Simple, clear calls to action
- Relevant personalization (to show targeting)
- Programmatically clean, well-written HTML with accurate and spam-proof headers
- Copy that is spam-proof, short, consistent, clever, well-written
- Links that work, and point to relevant and offer-appropriate landing pages
- CAN-SPAM footer with terms, clear unsubscription
- Design above the fold (not all of it, but consideration of what is above the fold)

Basically, what it takes to get out of Bulk!
More Reading:
Email Labs’ has Email Planner & Checklist an oldie, but a goodie
Advanced Email Checklist I wrote this one a while ago, still relevant!
EEC downloadable checklists the Email Experience Council has a bunch of checklists available for download.

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  1. Anna –

    Thanks for the shout out. Hope I wasn’t too harsh…

    Great reminders on the “key elements!”


    DJ Waldow
    Director of Best Practices & Deliverability
    Bronto Software, Inc
    djwaldow: twitter, AIM, MSN, Gtalk…

    Comment: DJ Waldow – 26. March 2009 @ 10:03 am

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