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Killing Off Inactive Subscribers

Great conversation in Email Roundtable this week about “how old is old,” regarding lapsed subscribers. An old colleague used to call these “slowboats” which would always start a round of singing, “the slow boat to China.”

My personal favorite method: don’t email them, and then every 3 months or so, send an inactive re-engagement campaign. Also, use that re-engagement to recycle copy (so the costs are low) and subject line test. Be creative and risky with the subject line- and use a lot of subject lines. One client had a 11% response rate on one of his segments, the subject line was the catchiest, wittiest, and most clever. It’s a sandbox, essentially, and the more risks the more surprises.

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  1. I also like sending out satisfaction surveys and offering some kind of incentive to get people to take them. That can help weed more people out and realign yourself better with the expectations and desires of your active list members.

    And you’re right, definitely trying different subject lines and using different methods is even better, and will help you to make more improvements in future campaigns.

    Comment: Jake – 22. June 2009 @ 8:37 am

  2. [...] Reading: The Reminder Email, Does It Work? Killing Off Inactive Subscribers Terminology: Transactional, Lifecycle, Event-Based, Trigger Share and [...]

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