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Ruby on Rails projects

I know, this blog is about Email, but lately this is the stuff I’ve been doing:

Radiant (A CMS for Ruby on Rails systems)

- It did start with Email, namely Action Mailer and the extensions for Radiant, which I’ve written about before. Radiant Mailer Extension Basics
- How to create an extension. Extensions are ways of expanding the functionality of Radiant, be it for admin purposes or to customize databases, add-on functionality, etc.
- From frustration springs inspiration… I went on to write How to install Radiant Comments

Stuff I’m Learning

- HAML, a lightweight mark-up that’s a lot cleaner than HTML
- Ruby, but that’s really an understatement.

My Rails Projects…

I have a few sites now I can point to: Movie Haiku! on Heroku! and SnapLogic, which I helped with some loose ends after an initial installation of Radiant.

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  1. Do you have enough experience with Joomla or Mambo to comment on how Randiant compares as a CMS?

    Comment: Brian S. Pauls – 24. March 2010 @ 7:06 am

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